2014: in France, Siemens Healthcare and LSO Medical signed a partnership agreement for vascular ultrasound systems for vascular medicine and anesthesy. 

2012: : Creation of LSO Medical company. Launch of the Endotherme 1470nm and the Ringlight radial fiber.

2011: FDA 510(K) for LIPOCONTROL  - Laser Assisted Lipolysis System.

2010: Registration of 21 international patents.

2009: Osyris Medical in the USA.

2008: The Pharaon range is internationally distributed and also in the USA thanks to the FDA approval (Food and Drug Administration). 

2007: Osyris Medical goes to the conquest of the market with the launching of the Endotherme, Exotherme and Lipotherme.

2006: Osyris Medical starts the conquest of the lipolysis laser market with the launch of the Lipotherme. Development of the Exotherme and its revolutionary handpiece Control 4+, which offers spectacular results for the treatment of spider veins and telangiectasias.

2005: Creation of the Medical Lasers Division specialized in the development and distribution of medical lasers.

2004: Development of the first device of the Osyris range: the Pharaon, which uses a 980 nm laser for the treatment of the endovenous diseases.

2002: Setting up of Osyris (Optical Systems for Research, Industry and Sciences). The company wins the Innovative Companies Setting up National Contest: “emerging projects” conducted by the French Ministry of Research.


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